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GestureType Enumeration
Represents the predefined gesture types.

Namespace: LightBuzz.Vitruvius
Assembly: LightBuzz.Vitruvius (in LightBuzz.Vitruvius.dll) Version: (
public enum GestureType
  Member nameValueDescription
JoinedHands0 Hands joined in front of chest.
WaveRight1 Waving using the right hand.
WaveLeft2 Waving using the left hand.
Menu3 Hand slightly bent above hip (XBOX-like gesture).
SwipeLeft4 Hand moved horizontally from right to left.
SwipeRight5 Hand moved horizontally from left to right.
SwipeUp6 Hand moved vertically from hip center to head.
SwipeDown7 Hand moved vertically from head to hip center.
ZoomIn8 Both hands extended closer to the chest.
ZoomOut9 Both hands extended farther from the chest.
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