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LightBuzz.Vitruvius Namespace
A set of powerful Kinect extensions.
Public classBaseControllerT
Generic class used to extract information from a series of frames.
Public classBitmapExtensions
Provides some common functionality for manipulating bitmaps.
Public classBitmapGeneratorT
Describes a generic bitmap generator.
Public classBodyExtensions
Provides some common functionality for manupulating body data.
Public classBodyWrapper
Represents a Kinect Body. Kinect does not allow us to explicitly create a new Body object.
Public classBodyWrapperExtensions
Provides some common functionality for manupulating body wrapper data.
Public classCapture
Provides some common methods for capturing and saving Kinect frames to disk.
Public classCaptureExtensions
Provides some common funcitonality for saving Kinect data.
Public classColorBitmapGenerator
Creates the bitmap representation of a Kinect Color frame.
Public classColorFrameResolutionExtensions
Provides some common extension methods for the color frame resolution enumeration.
Public classConstants
Keeps some commonly used Kinect constant values.
Public classDepthBitmapGenerator
Creates the bitmap representation of a Kinect Depth frame.
Public classFace
Represents a High Definition Face.
Public classFaceExtensions
Provides some common functionality for manupulating HD Face data.
Public classGestureController
Represents a gesture controller.
Public classGestureEventArgs
The gesture event arguments.
Public classGreenScreenBitmapGenerator
Removes the background of a Kinect frame and keeps the tracked players only.
Public classInfraredBitmapGenerator
Creates the bitmap representation of a Kinect infrared frame.
Public classMathExtensions
Provides some commonly used Mathematical functions.
Public classPlayersController
Notifies when one or more players enter or leave the scene.
Public classPlayersControllerEventArgs
The information the reported gives back to the calling function.
Public classPoseMatching
Provides a method to compare body states and poses.
Public classSerializationExtensions
Provides some common functionality for serializing and deserializing body data to JSON.
Public classVitruviusCompressor
Compresses the raw binary data using JPEG and JSON compression. The source .bin file is split into its corresponding .jpg and .json files.
Public interfaceIGestureSegment
Represents a single gesture segment which uses relative positioning of body parts to detect a gesture.
Public enumerationAxis
Represents an axis from the 3D space.
Public enumerationColorFrameResolution
Represents a custom color frame resolution.
Public enumerationGesturePartResult
Represents the gesture part recognition result.
Public enumerationGestureType
Represents the predefined gesture types.
Public enumerationVisualization
Represents the visualization mode.