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JointType Enumeration

The joint type.

Namespace:  LightBuzz.Vitruvius
Assembly:  LightBuzz.Vitruvius (in LightBuzz.Vitruvius.dll) Version: (
public enum JointType
  Member nameValueDescription
Head0 Head.
Neck1 Neck.
SpineShoulder2 Middle of shoulders.
SpineMid3 Middle of spine.
SpineBase4 Waist.
ShoulderLeft5 Left shoulder.
ElbowLeft6 Right shoulder.
WristLeft7 Left wrist.
HandLeft8 Left hand.
ShoulderRight9 Right shoulder.
ElbowRight10 Right elbow.
WristRight11 Right wrist.
HandRight12 Right hand.
HipLeft13 Left hip.
KneeLeft14 Left knee.
AnkleLeft15 Left ankle.
FootLeft16 Left foot.
HipRight17 Right hip.
KneeRight18 Right knee.
AnkleRight19 Right ankle.
FootRight20 Right foot.
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