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LightBuzz.Vitruvius Namespace

LightBuzz Vitruvius: Body and Face tracking SDK using Kinect, Orbbec, and RealSense cameras.
Public classAvateeringUtility
A utility class for mapping human bones and joints to Unity bones and joints.
Public classBody
Represents a human Body with skeleton joints and face points.
Public classBodyExtensions
Provides extension methods for the Body class.
Public classBone
Represents a human bone.
Public classBuffer
Provides buffering functionality for multi-threaded video recording.
Public classConstants
Commonly used constant values.
Public classDepthFilter
A depth visualization filter.
Public classFace
Represents a human face.
Public classFloor
Represents a floor plane.
Public classFrame
Represents a camera frame and encapsulates the Color, Depth, Body, Face, and Floor information.
Public classFrameFilter
An generic filter
Public classGreenScreenFilter
A background removal visualization filter.
Public classImageExtensions
Native image manipulation effects.
Public classJoint
Represents a human body joint in the 3D world space.
Public classJoint2D
Represents a human body joint in the 2D screen space.
Public classJointUpdateProperties
Specifies which joints will be updates while Avateering.
Public classKinect2Extensions
Common extensions for the Microsoft Kinect v2 sensor.
Public classMathExtensions
Common mathematical conversions and utilities.
Public classModel
Represents an animatable avatar.
Public classNuitrackExtensions
Common extensions for the Nuitrack platform.
Public classPlaybackSettings
The video playback settings.
Public classPose
Represents the pose of an animatable avatar.
Public classRecordingSettings
The video recording settings.
Public classResizeFilter
A visualization filter that resizes the image.
Public classSensorAdapter
Represents a particular sensor (e.g. Kinect v2, Orbbec Astra, Intel RealSense).
Public classSensorEventArgs
Custom event argument that returns the type of the sensor and whether it's connected.
Public classUnityExtensions
Common extensions for the Unity3D platform.
Public classVideoPlayer
Plays a recorded video with 3D and 2D information.
Public classVideoRecorder
Records sensor data in the 3D and 2D spaces.
Public structureSensorIntrinsics
Encapsulates the internal intrinsic values of a sensor device.
Public interfaceIBufferedObject
Represents an object that can be used as a buffer.
Public enumerationFieldOfView
Specifies whether the Field Of View is OK.
Public enumerationJointType
The joint type.
Public enumerationModelModelMovement
Represents the different model movement variations.
Public enumerationSensorType
The sensor type.
Public enumerationSpace
The reference space.
Public enumerationSpecialJointType
Special joint types included in common 3D avatars.
Public enumerationVisualization
The 2D visualization space.